Student Historian Competition

John Raymond with Paeton Peluso The Lycoming County Historical Society invites high school seniors to participate in the Society's annual Richard L. and Miriam L. Swan Mix Student Historian award competition. This award honors the lives of two dedicated educators and prominent local historians.

Since its founding in 1907, the LCHS has promoted its mission to discover, collect, preserve and interpret the cultural heritage of our region. This competition provides Lycoming County high school students with the opportunity participate in the Historical Society's mission.

This competition, which opens in January, invites seniors attending schools in Lycoming County to submit a four- to six-page essay which describes and interprets an object, artifact(s), or an exhibit displayed at the Historical Society's Taber Museum. The essay should include a description of the item(s) or exhibit and an interpretive explanation of how the chosen historical subject relates to modern life. Our goal is to encourage students to contemplate how the past can be such a significant and transformational influence on the present--and on the future. The Taber Museum is filled with fascinating exhibits portraying our rich local history, and your senior students are guaranteed to find a wide array of interesting topics for consideration.

A team of judges chosen by the Historical Society determines the winner, and a cash prize of $500.00 is awarded. The successful essayist is recognized by the Lycoming County Historical Society at its annual meeting in April.

The opening of the competition is usually announced by letter to high school administration and teachers. Watch also for announcements on the LCHS Website.

Previous Student Historians and their essays: