Summer History Day Camp

Our Summer History Day Camp is a week filled with activities, presenters for children ages 8-12. Each year is a different focus on a specific time period. Past years have includes Native American and frontier culture, and the World War theme.

In 2018, camp focused on the Civil War and 19th Century Life. Through a variety of hands-on activities and crafts, Day Campers learned about the Civil War and what it was like to live in the 19th century. Activities included: a day in the life of a civil war soldier and eating hardtack; Victorian calling cards, etiquette & tea; tour of Rowley House & Millionaires’ Row; creating a seashell covered box and designing a tee shirt; and, a visit from Queen Victoria.

The 2017 Summer History Day Camp focused on Native American Life and Frontier Culture. Activities included a simulated archaeological dig, a Native American drumming demonstration, speakers and arts and crafts.

Summer History Day Camp

Past camps have featured a variety of themes. in 2016, a World War theme was featured. There was a wide range of activities including: Women in the War, propaganda, a visit from Amelia Earhart, creating care packages, a talk about the Civilian Conservation Corps, and a sock hop. The kids created styrofoam airplanes and practiced flying them.

There is a fee and advanced registration is required. For Historical Society members, the cost is $60. For non-members, the cost is $70. To register your child, call the Taber Museum at 570-326-3326 for an application or download an application. For more information, please call the museum at 570.326.3326.