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The Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society chronicles the history of our region from American Indian occupation through 20th century industry and life.

History Day Camp 2014- A Success!


Our History Day Camp enjoyed a week filled with activities, presenters, and twenty-nine active children who were aged 8 through 12. This year focused on Native American and frontier culture. The children enjoyed drumming with Steve Atherton of the Red Arrow Singers, making clay bowls with Rose Ann Wallace, digging for ‘artifacts’ with Andrea Campbell, representing the North Central Chapter #8 of Pennsylvania Archaeology, and listening to chilling ghost stories with Beverley Conrad. 13593_10152218270884071_2530896273165497987_n

Coordinating this year’s efforts was the inexhaustible Valarie Mowrey who enlisted the help of high school students, the staff, her friends, and an enormous group of talented individuals who loaned their expertise for an hour, two hours, a day, or even five days!
We are grateful to: Valarie Mowrey, coordinator; Rose Ann Wallace, crafts; Scott Atherton, drumming; Tom “Tank” Baird, frontier games; Lucy Henry, dulcimer; Gary Fogelman, flint-napping and atlatl throwing; Reede Holzbauer, flute maker; Joy McCracken, spinning and weaving;Shirley Crawley, butter-making; Sylvia Yorks and Katherine Bowman, artifacts; Beverley Conrad, ghost stories; Steve Weaver, Native American heritage; Docents Joni Decker, Bunny Ditchfield, Linda Phillips, and Sandy Rife; assistants Glen Williams, Pat Damaska, Sabrina Emms, and Jean-Luc Lavallee; Haylee Young, Ashley Rall, students; and parent Valarie Brown. A special thank you to individuals and institutions that provided scholarship monies. No scholarship request was turned down. In addition, we were able to purchase 10 Native American-style drums for use year after year. Money came from the Free & Accepted Masons, Lodge #106, and M&T Bank.

10570302_10152218271519071_2034123432310423673_nAs we know, children are brutally honest, sometimes with spelling errors, but honest, nevertheless! The children were asked to take a survey and rate their favorite activity, another activity they enjoyed; their least favorite activity, and what they didn’t like. They were also asked to make any other comments. And at the end of the survey, we thanked them! Here are the charming results!

Day Camp Survey… and the survey says

My Favorite activity of Day Camp was:
Ghosts storys
“The Drom” [aged 7]
Making clay bowels [SIC!][aged 8]
The trains and the dig
Clay making
The ghost stories
Helping out with everyone and everything10600439_10152218271854071_1278351015153023791_n
It is crafe [crafts?][aged 10]
Making the clay pots
The trains
The scary storys
The wool spinrer speaker
I liked doing the dig
Hearing the ghost stories
The arkeolagal dig [aged 10]
My favriote activity was the arceoligist dig
I enjoyed the drum circle a lot
Every thing was great. I didn’t have a favorite.

I also enjoyed:
The wool
“The sncks” [aged 7]10533493_10152218272934071_863920653773939122_n
Gost storys
Scary storys
The archeology dig, and the ghost stories
The flute player
Helping with clay pots
Lince to and a [??][possibly the Native American drumming song?][aged 10]
Shearing sheep and learning the wool [we did not shear any sheep][aged 12]
The sheep
Looking at the trains
Bown arrow [SIC] & marbles [aged 11)
The Vicktorian area
The scary storys
Writing this
Finding artifacts
Clay pots and the fake archeology dig
The drum circle
“The archeology dig”

My Least favorite activity of Day Camp was:10433899_10152218270404071_6829486288956300806_n
The drums
Taking the tour
Seeing the tran
Gost storys
The what do you know game
Nat of Amare iss gams [???]{Native American games][aged 7]
I didn’t have one
Nothing it was perfect

I didn’t Like:
Leave the camp
Standing [aged 9]
Ummmmmmmmmmmmm [aged 10]
the Duck [the Headless Dog story??][aged 7]10532774_10152218270294071_1266688558016093756_n
No thing
Gost storys
The circle of life
The songs and the dancing!
Sitting all the time [aged 12]
I liked everything.

Any other comments:
I will always remember this week [aged 11]
I hop I can come again [aged 9]
It was good!!
I like trains
I loved the whole thing [aged 10]
Thank you for letting me help out with the camp see you next year
Also the dig was cool but we need to find more things to keep
Thank you Staff for helping us with are thing [aged 9]
NO (THANK YOU!)10306395_10152218272249071_7291567022474327147_n
The Taber muesum is awsome!
This was awsome
Thank you for letting me come here.
Ill come bank
I enjoyed everything very much
The staff and conselors are awesome!
It was really fun tank you.
No, but thanks for asking [aged 10][This rates as the Museum Director’s favorite comment]

Thank You!
Your welcome [aged 8,12]


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