Voodoo lily Larry Freda's Voodoo Lily is back! Otherwise known as "stinky", Amorphophallus Konjac or the devil’s tongue, the blooming flower smells like rotting flesh!

The plant is a member of the philodendron family. The corm, or tuber, produces a single flower in the late winter or early spring. A sturdy stalk bears a large, brownish-purple to maroon spathe, which can be as large as three feet in diameter surrounding a purple or mottled floral spike. The flowers are actually tiny individual female flowers at the base of the spike. The male flowers appear in another zone of the spike. When in bloom, the plant produces an odor similar to a dead animal, the smell of which is intended to attract carrion flies, which will then pollinate the plant.

Hurry to see it as the blooms die very quickly.