Raise th eRegion

Raise the Region, administered by the First Community Foundation of Pennsylvania was held on March 11 and 12, 2020 and we garnered yet more support for the Museum through the donation of many kind people. With stretch funds, the Taber Museum was awarded $2,839.88.

Thanks to our supporters who included Susan R. Baker; Robert Bauder; Susan K. Beidler; Mark & Karen Bergren; Renee Carey; Jim Carn; Jill & Craig Confair; Shirley Crawley; Randall & Karen DiPalo; Victor Engel; Aron & Jessica Haefner; Lucy Henry; Hilsher Graphics; Drew Mounsey; Gary Parks; Chip & Karen Plankenhorn; John & Lana Raymond; Jeffery Sims, Sims Insurance Agency; Jackie Thomas; Frances Warren; Gary Weber; Austin White and several anonymous donors.