The Journal of the Lycoming County Historical Society


Contents: An 1840s Signature Quilt by Ricki Lee Moler; The Field They Call the Blues: John and Lizzie Parker’s Journey by Joanne Long; Eber Culver by Don Everett Smith Jr.; One of the Nation's Leading Painters, Forgotten and Then Rediscovered by Mary L. Sieminski; Private Albert R. Campbell, USMC: The Story of a Boxer Rebellion Marine by W. Michael McMunn.
Contents: Warrensville in the 1800’s by Christine Smith; The Cowden Family by Jack Leach; Henry Shoemaker and the Pennsylvania Bison by Jeffrey R. Frazier; Ogontz Lodge by Mike Cummings; Gone But Not Forgotten: Grave Musings by Earle F. Layser; The Wartime Grays: 1943-1945 Williamsport Grays by Casey Haas; George Luks by Mike Cummings; The Old Railroad Clock & The One Condition by Mark W. Avery
Contents: Taber Museum Acquires a Severin Roesen Painting; One More...Just One More! The Life of Putsee Vannucci by Bonnie Vannucci Jamieson; Fight For Freedom The Life and Time of James Henry Willis by Michael A. Luna; Tidewater Oil Company by Bruce Rogers; Williamsport’s Lost Children by Michael A. Luna; Frank Casale, Hall of Fame Boxer Owner of the Triangle Tavern by Marc Pompeo.
Contents: Mysterious Mound Builder Artifacts Found in Rural Clinton County by Tom ‘Tank’ Baird; Muncy Farms by Karen Kennedy; Family Portraits: The Journal of Martha Lewis Walton Grier Bowen re-transcribed by Gary W. Parks; One Year in the Life of Jennie Sweely by Judy Fischer
Contents: Family Portraits: The Journal of Martha Lewis Walton Grier Bowen re-transcribed by Gary W. Parks; The Life of Phillip Brackley Shaw by David Bjorkman; Weldon Wyckoff: Highlights of a Baseball Career by Marc G. Pompeo; Country, Heritage, Music, a Veteran’s Legacy by Carol Sones Shetler; Luba and Frank’s Experience; As displaced persons, immigrants and American citizens after WWII by Helen Ochej; Marianna Ciraulo by Marianna Ciraulo
Contents: Reverend Baird’s Test of Faith; Christmas Eve Tragedy at Second Baptist Church in Newberry; Merriman & Merriman Lumber Company, 1875-1900; Entrepreneurial Families in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania; Area Woman a WWI Navy Yeoman; Luba’s World War II Timeline: The Chronicle of Displaced Persons from Camp to Freedom; Allegheny Airlines Flight 371: A Story Fifty-Six Years in the Making; Allegheny Airlines Flight 371: The Artifacts Revealed; Williamsport, Not By Chance Or Intent But By Necessity
Contents: No Sunshine Patriots: Three Stories of Revolution on the West Branch; Who Was John R.T. Ryan?; Etta Alice Neff: World War I Nurse; The Woman’s Club of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1925 – 1950; The Brownlee Sisters; Dr. Kenneth R. Raessler and Williamsport’s School Music Program: The Importance of Proficient Leadership
Contents: Sol Woodbridge Wolf, Hall of Fame Coach, Professional Broadcaster and Witness to Sports History; George Stovey, A Pitcher in the Shadows; The Career of Dewey Waugh, The Brightest Star of Them All at the Moment
Contents: Revolutionary War: The Fair Play Men and Events leading up to the Revolution; Civil War: An Analysis of Civil War Soldiers from Lycoming County; Civil War: The Civil War Correspondence of James M. Smith, Jersey Shore Soldier; World War I: Liberty Loan Posters in the LCHS Collection; World War II: Victory Gardens of Pennsylvania during the War
Contents: The Home for the Friendless: A Ministry by Christian Women in Williamsport, Pennsylvania 1872-1939 by Dr. John F. Piper, Jr.; A Glimpse into Art Collecting in Williamsport by Dr. Amy Golahny
Contents: The Remarkable Career of Juliet Lewis Campbell by Timothy Lorson; Civil War Quilts and Care Packages Support for Soldiers from the Women at Home by Ann F. Diseroad; The Largest Stock And Lowest Prices… Jewelry and Watches in Nineteenth Century Williamsport by Corinne Brister; Unraveling the Embroidery Thread: The Margaret Clark Needlework Sampler by Gary W. Parks
Contents: Treasure Comes in Many Forms by Robert E. Kane, Jr.; a Common Canvas: Pennsylvania Post Office Art of the New Deal by David Lembeck; William Colt, Newberry Cabinetmaker by Gary W Parks; Eugene Landon Master Craftsman: Insight into the Twenty-First Century Interest in Antiques and Reproductions by Kimberly Morris
Contents: Juneteenth, Julia Collins & Exploring History: Digging for Lost Stories from a Changing Past by Dr. Mitch Kachun; George Loring Brown’s Near Sunset: Bay of Naples; A Gem in the Park Home Collection by Dr. Amy Golahny; Lycoming County Women’s History Project: The Other Half of the Story by Janet McNeil & Mary Sieminski
Contents: The Stained Glass Windows of Williamsport: Always in View, Rarely Observed by Dr. Ann Golahny; A Walking Tour of Ten Churches From East to West by Dr. Ann Golahny
Contents: Tracking the Fate of Private John Richner, a Pennsylvania Volunteer in the Civil War By: Mark E. Richner with Brian R. Mathias; Maple Street A.M.E. Zion Church, Williamsport, Pennsylvania: The History of a Historic African American Church by: Louisa M. Stone; The Marbles of the James V. Brown Library: The Italian Neoclassical in Williamsport, Pennsylvania by: Amy Golahny, Ph.D.
Contents: The Birth of a Historical Society; Minutes of Founding Meeting of the LCHS
Contents: Women at Work in North-Central Pennsylvania: Images from the Historical Society's Collections; Women of the Ku Klux Klan: A Local Diary and Letters
Contents: Introduction; Historical Walking Tour of Downtown Williamsport; Sawdust Wars of 1872; Diary of Jane Watkins, Age 15, 1930 ; Tribute to Penelope Austin; Personal Notes.
Contents: Remembrances of September 11, 2001
Contents: Letter from the Editor; An Historical Walking Tour of Millionaires' Row, West Fourth Street, Williamsport by Michele Miller and Penelope Austin; Sites on the Walking Tour -- Map; Popular 19th-Century Styles on Millionaires' Row; Attack of the Killer Oatmeal- from The Baiers of Bastress and Other Tales of Nippenose Valley by Becky Day; A Successful Planned Community: Vallamont by Elizabeth A. Yoder.