The Journal of the Lycoming County Historical Society


Contents: Taber Museum Acquires a Severin Roesen Painting; One More...Just One More! The Life of Putsee Vannucci by Bonnie Vannucci Jamieson; Fight For Freedom The Life and Time of James Henry Willis by Michael A. Luna; Tidewater Oil Company by Bruce Rogers; Williamsport’s Lost Children by Michael A. Luna; Frank Casale, Hall of Fame Boxer Owner of the Triangle Tavern by Marc Pompeo.
Contents: Mysterious Mound Builder Artifacts Found in Rural Clinton County by Tom ‘Tank’ Baird; Muncy Farms by Karen Kennedy; Family Portraits: The Journal of Martha Lewis Walton Grier Bowen re-transcribed by Gary W. Parks; One Year in the Life of Jennie Sweely by Judy Fischer
Contents: Family Portraits: The Journal of Martha Lewis Walton Grier Bowen re-transcribed by Gary W. Parks; The Life of Phillip Brackley Shaw by David Bjorkman; Weldon Wyckoff: Highlights of a Baseball Career by Marc G. Pompeo; Country, Heritage, Music, a Veteran’s Legacy by Carol Sones Shetler; Luba and Frank’s Experience; As displaced persons, immigrants and American citizens after WWII by Helen Ochej; Marianna Ciraulo by Marianna Ciraulo
Contents: Reverend Baird’s Test of Faith; Christmas Eve Tragedy at Second Baptist Church in Newberry; Merriman & Merriman Lumber Company, 1875-1900; Entrepreneurial Families in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania; Area Woman a WWI Navy Yeoman; Luba’s World War II Timeline: The Chronicle of Displaced Persons from Camp to Freedom; Allegheny Airlines Flight 371: A Story Fifty-Six Years in the Making; Allegheny Airlines Flight 371: The Artifacts Revealed; Williamsport, Not By Chance Or Intent But By Necessity
Contents: No Sunshine Patriots: Three Stories of Revolution on the West Branch; Who Was John R.T. Ryan?; Etta Alice Neff: World War I Nurse; The Woman’s Club of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1925 – 1950; The Brownlee Sisters; Dr. Kenneth R. Raessler and Williamsport’s School Music Program: The Importance of Proficient Leadership
Contents: Sol Woodbridge Wolf, Hall of Fame Coach, Professional Broadcaster and Witness to Sports History; George Stovey, A Pitcher in the Shadows; The Career of Dewey Waugh, The Brightest Star of Them All at the Moment
Contents: Revolutionary War: The Fair Play Men and Events leading up to the Revolution; Civil War: An Analysis of Civil War Soldiers from Lycoming County; Civil War: The Civil War Correspondence of James M. Smith, Jersey Shore Soldier; World War I: Liberty Loan Posters in the LCHS Collection; World War II: Victory Gardens of Pennsylvania during the War
Contents: The Home for the Friendless: A Ministry by Christian Women in Williamsport, Pennsylvania 1872-1939 by Dr. John F. Piper, Jr.; A Glimpse into Art Collecting in Williamsport by Dr. Amy Golahny
Contents: The Remarkable Career of Juliet Lewis Campbell by Timothy Lorson; Civil War Quilts and Care Packages Support for Soldiers from the Women at Home by Ann F. Diseroad; The Largest Stock And Lowest Prices… Jewelry and Watches in Nineteenth Century Williamsport by Corinne Brister; Unraveling the Embroidery Thread: The Margaret Clark Needlework Sampler by Gary W. Parks
Contents: Treasure Comes in Many Forms by Robert E. Kane, Jr.; a Common Canvas: Pennsylvania Post Office Art of the New Deal by David Lembeck; William Colt, Newberry Cabinetmaker by Gary W Parks; Eugene Landon Master Craftsman: Insight into the Twenty-First Century Interest in Antiques and Reproductions by Kimberly Morris
Contents: Juneteenth, Julia Collins & Exploring History: Digging for Lost Stories from a Changing Past by Dr. Mitch Kachun; George Loring Brown’s Near Sunset: Bay of Naples; A Gem in the Park Home Collection by Dr. Amy Golahny; Lycoming County Women’s History Project: The Other Half of the Story by Janet McNeil & Mary Sieminski
Contents: The Stained Glass Windows of Williamsport: Always in View, Rarely Observed by Dr. Ann Golahny; A Walking Tour of Ten Churches From East to West by Dr. Ann Golahny
Contents: Tracking the Fate of Private John Richner, a Pennsylvania Volunteer in the Civil War By: Mark E. Richner with Brian R. Mathias; Maple Street A.M.E. Zion Church, Williamsport, Pennsylvania: The History of a Historic African American Church by: Louisa M. Stone; The Marbles of the James V. Brown Library: The Italian Neoclassical in Williamsport, Pennsylvania by: Amy Golahny, Ph.D.
Contents: The Birth of a Historical Society; Minutes of Founding Meeting of the LCHS
Contents: Women at Work in North-Central Pennsylvania: Images from the Historical Society's Collections; Women of the Ku Klux Klan: A Local Diary and Letters
Contents: Introduction; Historical Walking Tour of Downtown Williamsport; Sawdust Wars of 1872; Diary of Jane Watkins, Age 15, 1930 ; Tribute to Penelope Austin; Personal Notes.
Contents: Remembrances of September 11, 2001
Contents: Letter from the Editor; An Historical Walking Tour of Millionaires' Row, West Fourth Street, Williamsport by Michele Miller and Penelope Austin; Sites on the Walking Tour -- Map; Popular 19th-Century Styles on Millionaires' Row; Attack of the Killer Oatmeal- from The Baiers of Bastress and Other Tales of Nippenose Valley by Becky Day; A Successful Planned Community: Vallamont by Elizabeth A. Yoder.
Contents: Courage and Calamity: Floods of the West Branch Valley; Courage and Calamity: Floods of the West Branch Valley Panel Discussion; Floods: Personal Accounts; Flood Record; Vertical File; Manuscript Collection
Contents: In 1976, Helen Farr Sloan donated 309 items from the private collection of John Sloan to the Lycoming County Historical Society Museum. The collection included an impressive accumulation of works in various media by other artists, many of whom were Sloan's friends, colleagues, and students. Also represented were items from different cultures, including African sculpture, Japanese children's prints, and works by European artists. Additionally, tile collection held numerous published prints, including ones by Currier & Ives, Winslow Homer, and Thomas Nast.