The Journal of the Lycoming County Historical Society


Contents: This is Our Valley Farm Saga by M. Elizabeth Ramsey; Out of the Past by Carol Ann Walker; 1865; Early Montoursville History compiled by Everett Rubendall; History of the Charles Smith Farm by Rosemary Ulmer; Murder by Spencer Hill lll; The Moravians in Pennsylvania by Dr. C. L. Youngman; Life in a Small Town by Mrs. J. Westley Little; Groups taken on tours of the Museum; Accessions to the Museum; New Members; President's Message
Contents: The Williamson Road by Charles G. Webb; An Unhonored Hero by Clark B. Kahler; Lycoming County Post Offices; Sullivan County Post Offices; Letter re Little Family by Susan H. Little; New Members
Contents: Arrival of First Canal Boat in Williamsport; 'Don't Ruin That Painting' Dr. Henry B. Mussina; Black Marble Fireplaces - Col. Henry W. Shoemaker; Pennsylvania Colony in Nebraska - Edna Ulmer; Gottlieb Heim, Grandfather at the Loyalsock - Elma Heim Larimore; Joseph Gross, My Pioneer Ancestor - Susan Heim Little; Apple Butler Making - Susan Heine Little; Quilting Parties - Susan Heim Little; Christmas in Old Blooming Grove; Freedom Road - Ralph L. Lester; Accessions to the Museum
Contents: In Memoriam; Jake Rubicam's Flying Horses: Wherein the Part Mike Courtney Played Is Told by Henry W. Shoemaker; Sand Hill Cemetery by Clara Robbins; What Lumbering Meant to the U. S. A. by Dr. Lewis E. Theiss; the Care of Old Paintings by Dr. H. B. Mlussina; Founding and Early Life of Ralston; Saturday Evening Review December 22, 1894
Contents: Junk or Antiquities; On Entering the Old G. A. R. Hall by Robert S. Ulrich; Reno Post 64, G. a R., Williamsport, Pa. By John L Hunsinger; Fort Augusta: What it Meant to the Pioneers of the Susquehanna Valley by Dr. Lewis E. Theiss; What Do We Want?; Annie Oakley's Last Shot by Col. Henry W. Shoemaker
Contents: President's Message; Doctors on Horseback and in Gigs; Compiled by Miss Katherine Bennett from Various Sources and Read by Dr. L. E. Wurster Before the Lycoming Historical Society; Editorial: What Is Our Objective; Dudley Allen Martin, Central Pennsylvania's First Archaeologist by Henry W. Shoemaker; Lumber Rafting on Big Pine Creek as Told by John S. Beck, Deceased; What the Forest Meant to the Pioneers by Dr. Lewis E. Theiss; Accessions to the Museum
Contents: Early Lumbering in Cogan House Township by Milton Landis, Local Historian; History Is Where You Find it by Dr. L. E. Theiss; the Fairy Basket by Clair Robbins; Apple Butter Boiling in Early Days at Bloominggrove by Susan H. Little
Contents: July 4, 1863, Gettysburg, 'He Was There ' by George D. Wolfe; PAGES OF DIRT by James P. Bressler; FOUND - A LOST SCHOOL by Della G. Dodson; COMMENTS ON AN ANOnYMOUS DIARY 1868 by Michael M. Wargo; Memories Of Wild Life On Young Woman's Creek: Dedicated with deep respect to Max Henrici by Henry W Shoemaker
Contents: Street Car Parties; Why So Many People Came to this Country from Southern Germany: Ocean Voyage of the Kiess Family the Diary; Historical Truth by George D. Wolf; Society and Personal from Williamsport Saturday Evening Review June 23, 1894; When Lumber in the East Was King by Harry A. Fischler; Wildcat in Duboistown by James Myers; Editorials Williamsport Saturday Evening Review, June 23, 1894, William Showers, Editor and Manager
Contents: President's Message; Memories of My Boyhood Days on the Farm by L. E. Wurster, M. D.; the Old Tannery Whistle by Milton Landis; Memories by Margaret Parke Schultz; Editor's Page: Be Fair to the Future; Reminiscence's of Dr. A.F. Hardt on His Early Experiences at the Williamsport Hospital; Sketch of the Life of Gen. John Burrows of Lycoming County Furnished by Himself at the Request of His Numerous Relatives; Fishing Experiences: This Is a Part of a Letter Published in the Pennsylvania Angler; Education in the Nineteenth Century by John A. Eckert; Accessions to the Museum
Contents: President's Letter; John Wesley Little by Mrs. John Little; Crime on the Canal by Dr. Lewis E. Theiss; The Williamsport Saturday Evening Review 1893; Editor's Page - Progress; Panthers of the Loyalsock by Henry W. Shoemaker; Recollections of a Boom Rat by James Myers; We Honor Dr. Lewis E. Theiss, Past President and Col. Herbert R. Lalrd, Past President; Accessions to the Museum; C. S. Coryell Named New President; Dear Reader Letter - “Do You Like the First Edition of the Journal?”