The Journal of the Lycoming County Historical Society


Contents: Greetings from the President's Desk; Williamsport's Musical Heritage; The First School in Williamsport; The Story of Peter Herdic; Window Glass by Katharine Bennet; The Passenger Pigeon by Charles H. Eldon; A. Richter, M. D. Health Officer; The Price of Meat
Contents: List of Life Members; Statement concerning the Archives; Williamsport's Musical Heritage by Mary L. Russell; Dr. Maurice A. Mook; Some Special Incidents; The Tiadaghton Elm by Gladys Tozier; The House of Many Stairs by K. W. Bennet and C. V. Welker; The Life and Times of Jacob Beck by Di:. Berton E. Beck; The Journal of James Ecroyd by Mrs. Charles E. Ecroyd; Donors to the Museum in 1973
Contents: Greetings from the President's Desk; School Tours of the Museum; Williamsport's Musical Heritage by Mary L. Russell; Sequoyah of the Cherokees by Gladys Tozier; Moses Van Campen by Katharine W. Bennet; The Lost Voice of the Tiadaghton by James G. Carn; The Story of the "Herdic" Coach; The County Fair (One Hundred Years Ago)
Contents: Accreditation Received; Special Exhibit Schedule; Frances Tipton Hunter by Ted Hodoba; Preaching Quakeress Mercy Ellis by Katherine Berner; Fledgling Flight - 1929 by Dorothy O. Foresman; Jail at the Courthouse; Devil Jack Burrows by Edith Wright; Barnum Outdone; Three Influential Women by Gladys Tozier; John Brady of Muncy; Brady's Bend by Martha Keller; Williamsport's Musical Heritage; One Hundred Years Ago in Williamsport; Comments; Donors of Artifacts (1972)
Contents: Membership Meeting Program; Your County Museum Today by Andrew K. Grugan; Severin Roesen and His Family by Dr. Maurice A. Mock; Curious Customs by Katharine Bennet; Williamsport's Musical Heritage by Mary L. Russell; Along the Susquehanna; Photo -- Dr. Thomas Lyon; Fifty-one Years: A Practicing Physician in Williamsport Early Sports by Katharine Bennet; Indian Trails of Lycoming County by Virginia Trowbridge; A Brief History of Rose Valley by Olive Strouble; Early Horticulture by Katharine Bennet; Lincoln's Violin by Glenda Hessler; Flooded Newspapers; A Plea for Nathaniel Greene Papers
Contents: Membership Meeting Program; President's Letter; Doctor Charles Lose; Win Ely's Trout Flies by Dr. Charles Lose; Williamsport's Musical Heritage (Part One) by Mrs. Mary Russell; Memories of Warrensville at the Turn of the Century by William E. Derone and Mark T. Milner; A Night of Honor; Recollections of the Susquehanna Boom by James Myers; PICTURES -- Before and After Photographs of 1889 Flood on Antes Creek; PICTURE -- The Youngman Cottage on Antes Creek Soon after the 1889 Flood; Col. Henry W. Shoemaker, by Mrs. Wendi Enstine, Jr.; The Story of Altar Rock, by Col. Henry W. Shoemaker; The Early History of Picture Rocks, by W. L. Sprout; Charter Members of the Lycoming Historical Society; Letter: written by Dr. August Richter; Notice of the 16th Annual Institute of Pennsylvania Rural Life and Culture
Contents: Membership Meeting Program for 1971-1972; President's Letter; Museum Showcase: A Summary of Lycoming County History by James Bressler; In Memoriam -- Gibson G. Antes; In Memoriam -- Margaret B. Coryell; Dedication of Courthouse by Judge Charles F. Greevy; Early Settlers on the Loyalsock by Fred M. Rogers; The Ring of the Axe and Whit of the Saw by Gladys Tozier; Picture - A Virgin Forest of Pennsylvania; Picture - Loyalsock Creek - 1917 - Original drawing by J. Wesley Little; Piracy on the Pennsylvania Canal by Dr. Lewis E. Theiss; A Tour of the Schulze Mansion; A Sign of Old Times by Scott Schreiber; Prayer on an Indian Grave; Contents of Vol. 11, No. 10
Contents: Membership meeting Program for 1970-1971; Six-Month Financial Report, April I through September 30; Museum Showcase; Part ll of ''The Life and Times of William Hepburn “; Genealogy Corner; Quest for Information on German-American Writers; Biography of John Sloan by Mrs. John Sloan; The Wild Lycoming--Stream of History by James Bressler; 1976 Bicentennial Celebration; Courthouses of Lycoming County by Rik Hofmann; Time Capsule for New Courthouse; William Sipe and His Pottery; Rachel Silverthorn by Katharine W. Benner; Two Sturdy Pioneers; Battery "D", 1914 to 1919; When Newberry Burned by Katharine W. Benner; Questions from the Archives; Answers to the Above; Index of Journal Articles Published from 1955 to 1969
Contents: A Closer Look at the Collections (see cover) - John W. Strawbridge III; Letter from the President; History Fair; Art Exhibits; Dr. Ella Ritter, biographical - Delbert R. Gardner; An 1890 Caprice; Part I of "The Life and Times of William Hepburn"; Part IV of "Blooming Grove" (conclusion); The Life of John Bartram - Richard L. Mix
Contents: Society Program; Letter from the President; Sliding Log in the Old Lumbering Era by Milton W. Landis; The Village Blacksmith -- A Retrospect by Fred L. Guernsey; Part III of 'Blooming Grove '; Membership List
Contents: Society Program; Letter from the President; A Forecast on the New Museum by John W. Strawbridge, Ill; Local History as a Hobby by Charles F. Berkheimer, D. D.; Reminiscences of W. H. Sanderson; Part ll of 'Blooming Grove’; Membership List
Contents: In Memoriam; Letter of Yesteryear - Author ?; Robert Covenhoven - Compiled by Carlton E. Fink, Sr.; Larrys Creek Plank Road - Milton W. Landis; Beauty's Run - Carlton E. Fink, Sr.; Presidents Who Visited Williamsport - Louise Nicholson; History of Montoursville - Elizabeth Champion King; Part I of "Blooming Grove"
Contents: Song and Verse of Lycoming County and Nearby Areas by Elizabeth Hall; To the West for Gold: Notes of an 1849 Journey to California; Williamsport Street Names by Carlton E. Fink, Sr.; Address - Lincoln and Pennsylvania by Franklin L. Kury; Saturday Evening Review
Contents: Letter from the President; Articles from The Lycoming Gazette, November 4, 1829; Saved by a Clock - Dr. Charles M. Steese; Rose Valley and Rose Street by Carlton Fink; Letter from John Penn to General Gage, 1763; Letter from Pine Creek inhabitants to Governor Mifflin, 1793; An Unhonored Hero - Clark B. Kahler; Service Upon the Homefront - Clark B. Kahler; Billy Kilpatrick - WRAK Radio; Address The Cost of Freedom Frederick L. Rath, Jr.
Contents: Tiadaghton Elm Ceremony; Grandmother's Recent - Rev. Raymond Shaheen; Loyalsock Area OJd Timer's Meeting; The Wreck of the Oyster Train - Carlton E. Fink, Sr.; Dana on William Winter - J. Kenneth Winter; Pioneer Life ( Conclusion) - Dr. Lloyd E. Wursrer; The Oldest Church in Lycoming County (Continuation) - Becky Kane; Early Presbyterianism - Rev Robert Cox; Make Our Museum Live - D. M. Carson; Old Pictures and Color Slides Wanted
Contents: Water Wonderway: A History of the Pennsylvania Canal by James Humps; Beulah Land by Clark B. Kahler; Some Things From The Past by Carlton E. Fink; The Early History of the Loyalsock by Dr. Lloyd E. Wurster; The Oldest Church in Lycoming County by Becky Kane
Contents: Contents: History of Montoursville; Andrew Montour; The Champion House and Nathaniel Burros; Montoursville's Paradise for Fishermen; The State Dam and Chute and Rafting Days in Montoursville; Lumbering; The Culberrson Path by Carlton E. Fink; Tile Flood of June 1, 1889; Our County's Educational Heritage -- from an interview with Dr. Lose; The Eight Square School House
Contents: History of Reno Post No. 64; The Little Red Schoolhouse by Kathy Hagen; Stump Pulling in Cogan House Township by Berton E. Beck, D. D. S.; Unveiling of Little Red Schoolhouse Museum; The Newman School - by James Bressler; Our Lack of Civic Pride in Pennsylvania, Especially in Lycoming County and the Susquehanna Valley by W. B. Emery; Junior Historians Aid in Preservation of Newman School
Contents: The Susquehanna Boom by Gibson Antes; Civil War Letters by John J. Shaffer; Conrad Weiser's Trip Up The Loyalsock by Clark Kahler; History of Ostonwakin Farm ( Part VI and VII) by Mabel E. Eck; The Old Franklin Building School Bell by Arthur Pepperman; The Vanquished: The One Room School by Clarence McConnell; Aimed at America, The British Broad Arrow Wounded England by Dr. Lewis E. Theiss; New Members
Contents: The Great Runaway of 1778 by Helen H. Russell; History of Ostonwakin Farm (Parts lV and V) by Mable E. Eck; Tomlinson Family by C. A. Tomlinson; Notes on Little Family by Susan H. Little; How We Escaped From Behind the Iron Curtain by Benjamin Hirsh