The Journal of the Lycoming County Historical Society


Contents: In 1976, Helen Farr Sloan donated 309 items from the private collection of John Sloan to the Lycoming County Historical Society Museum. The collection included an impressive accumulation of works in various media by other artists, many of whom were Sloan's friends, colleagues, and students. Also represented were items from different cultures, including African sculpture, Japanese children's prints, and works by European artists. Additionally, tile collection held numerous published prints, including ones by Currier & Ives, Winslow Homer, and Thomas Nast.
The Park Home Collection
Contents: A Path of Discovery: Reevaluating Pennsylvania Prehistory by Mark E. Stamm; Chief Logan: Friend, Foe, or Fiction? By Ronald R. Wenning; Archaeological Excavations at the West Water Street Site, Lock Haven, Clinton County Pennsylvania by Jav F. Custer; Franklin Broadbelt: Civil War Veteran by Gary V. Hoover; the Search for Tomjack by Steven Sliwinski
Contents: John Hazel: the Wizard Cornetist by John Hunsinger; the Bison: Did He Roam Penn's Woods? By Frederick and Robert Rinn; Silk Industries in Lycoming County: Oral Histories Conducted and Edited by Montoursville High School Students; the Ralph Casselberry Family Lumber Camps: Oral History Excerpts from Taped Interview
Contents: Biography of Evan Russell; Personal Journal of Evan Russell: Camp McCall-Bedford, Pa - Camp Mason & Dixon - Signal Camp Near Georgetown D.C. - Head Quarters Gen. McCall-Hunter's Mills - Headquarters Signal Party-Gen. McDowell's Corps d'Armee - The Battle of Fredericksburg - Battle of Mine Run; Local PA Books Listing
Contents: When Williamsport's Streets Were Paved with Wood by Everett W. Rubendall; Excavation of a Shenks Ferry Habitation Complex on Canfield Island, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania by James P. Brewster; Jay Cooke - The Tycoon by Meade Minnigerode; Ogontz Lodge - A Reminiscence by Jacob Metzger; Our Family of Revolutionary and Civil War Ancestry by Walter R. McHenry
Contents: Man and the River by James P. Bressler; A History of the Furniture Manufacturers of the Lycoming County Region by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; Portrait of an Enterprising Man: Frederick Mankey by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; The Miracle of 1879 by William Landis Mosteller; The Meteoric Shower of 1833 by J.C. McCloskey; Remembering the Chestnut by Mike Simmons; The Hotel on West Fourth Street: A History by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; The Big House Back of the Park Hotel by Henry W. Shoemaker.
Contents: A Tour of the Museum by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; What Surveys Meant to Your Museum Staff by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; Iroquois Creation Myth: Sacred Beginnings Reflected in Story by Randall Ellis; To Remedy, For Sure! by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; A Death Shout (A Story of the Senecas) by Henry W. Shoemaker; Apples: Now and Then by Stephanie R. Zebrowski.
Contents: President's Message; Editorial; Letters to the Editor; Millstones and Early Gristmills of Lycoming County by Everett W. Rubendall; The Real Beast in the Woods; Regional Industries and Environmental Impact by Julia Gano; Williamsport's Economic Development During the Canal Period, 1828-1850 by Terry Rhian; Keep Thee Only Unto Me by Nancy Lundquist Baumgartner
Contents: Rags to Riches, Myth or Reality? A Study of Williamsport, Pennsylvania by Mark Albright; The Cyclone of 1892 by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; Minnie Viola Taylor: Feminine Trailblazer from Cogan House Township by Carl Taylor; Italian-Americans in Williamsport by John Protasio; The Penny Dog of Pint's Woods by Henry W. Shoemaker
Contents: When Electricity Was Extended to Rural America, and Blooming Grove by Karl J. Ely; Debunking A Myth - Were There Really Buffalo in Pennsylvania? by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; Those Buffalo Hides; The History of the Muncy Rifles, Company F, 84th PA Volunteer Infantry by David L. Richards; Black Marble Fireplaces by Henry W. Shoemaker
Contents: President's Message; Editor's Letter; Margaret by Frances K. Reed; Christmas in White Deer by Harvia Shaker-Faust; Gifford Pinchot - Pioneer Conservationist, Part ll by Stephanie Zebrowski; Gas Will Cure Colds; The Little Blonde's Wedding Gown by Henry W. Shoemaker; Stories of the West Branch Valley, Deserted Valley by Katharine Bonnet; Valley of Dreams and Memories, Rod and Gun by Harry H. Greene and Frankford Lewis
Contents: Preserving Your Collection by Julia Sprinkle; Gifford Pinchot--Pioneer Conservationist. Part I by Stephanie Zebrowski; The Present Status of Wild Life in Central Pennsylvania c.1925 by Henry W. Shoemaker; Camping On a Trout Stream by Charles Lose; The Closed House by Henry W. Shoemaker; Signs of French Contact on the West Branch of the Susquehanna by Clark B. Kahler.
Contents: Understanding Our Historical Museum: Part II: Exhibit Building in Our Historical Museum by Stephanie Zebrowski; What's New; Stories of the West Branch Valley: The Walkers by Katharine W. Bonnet; Williamsport Founder and Wife Return Home by Stephanie Zebrowski; The Last Hanging in Lycoming County by Everett Rubendall; Tattooing: Was it Art or More? by Ricki L. Maietta; Elk Hunting by Philip come.
Contents: Understanding Our Historical Museum, Part 1: Conservation by Stephanie Zebrowski; The Birth and Foundations of an American Industrial Giant by Stephanie Zebrowski; The Painted Path by Clark Kahler; Dr. Walter Van Fleet, America's Foremost Rose Breeder of His Generation by Everett Rubendall; Trolling for Salmon; Tom Fausett (The Record of a Triple love Tragedy) by Henry W. Shoemaker
Contents: Another Season on Canfield Island by James P. Bressler; A Tiger, A Panther; by Stephanie Zebrowski; "Stilling Birch" in Cogan House Township by Carl B. Taylor; When We Walked Hand-in-Hand by J.J. Zebrowski; Refurbishing the Lumber Gallery; A Spot in Lycoming County by Mike Maietta; Starch Cake; Peter Herdic - Industrialist of Williamsport by Beth Heffner
Contents: Baseball for Boys: The Early Years; A Spot in Lycoming County Camping on the Lycoming; My Memories of the 1889 Flood; Halley's Comet Rag; An Indian Site in the Borough of Montoursville; Money Printed in Williamsport
Contents: From the President's Desk; The Vampire of Rauch's Gap; The Kast Hotel; The Wertman Site Mysteries; Why is it Called That?; A Brief History of the Great Illustrated Weeklies; The First Appendectomy; An Unusual Tomb; The Ralston General Store
Contents: The Textile Collection; About Thread; John Alden Knight and the Solunar Tables; Margaret Horn Remembers; The Great Storm of 1871; Contributors to the Museum.
Contents: Pages of Dirt by James P. Bressler; A Brief History of the North Central Chapter #8 of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology by Harry Rogers; Some Important Milestones in Lycoming County Archaeology by James P. Bressler; Archaeological Time Periods in Pennsylvania by Gary L. Fogelman; Colonial & Indian Forts of the Upper West Branch Valley by Tom Shreiner; Artifacts & Historical Societies by Barry C. Kent; An Invitation by Joseph J. Zebrowski