The Journal of the Lycoming County Historical Society


Contents: President's Message; Editorial; Letters to the Editor; Millstones and Early Gristmills of Lycoming County by Everett W. Rubendall; The Real Beast in the Woods; Regional Industries and Environmental Impact by Julia Gano; Williamsport's Economic Development During the Canal Period, 1828-1850 by Terry Rhian; Keep Thee Only Unto Me by Nancy Lundquist Baumgartner
Contents: A Tour of the Museum by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; What Surveys Meant to Your Museum Staff by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; Iroquois Creation Myth: Sacred Beginnings Reflected in Story by Randall Ellis; To Remedy, For Sure! by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; A Death Shout (A Story of the Senecas) by Henry W. Shoemaker; Apples: Now and Then by Stephanie R. Zebrowski.
Contents: When Electricity Was Extended to Rural America, and Blooming Grove by Karl J. Ely; Debunking A Myth - Were There Really Buffalo in Pennsylvania? by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; Those Buffalo Hides; The History of the Muncy Rifles, Company F, 84th PA Volunteer Infantry by David L. Richards; Black Marble Fireplaces by Henry W. Shoemaker
Contents: Rags to Riches, Myth or Reality? A Study of Williamsport, Pennsylvania by Mark Albright; The Cyclone of 1892 by Stephanie R. Zebrowski; Minnie Viola Taylor: Feminine Trailblazer from Cogan House Township by Carl Taylor; Italian-Americans in Williamsport by John Protasio; The Penny Dog of Pint's Woods by Henry W. Shoemaker
Contents: Preserving Your Collection by Julia Sprinkle; Gifford Pinchot--Pioneer Conservationist. Part I by Stephanie Zebrowski; The Present Status of Wild Life in Central Pennsylvania c.1925 by Henry W. Shoemaker; Camping On a Trout Stream by Charles Lose; The Closed House by Henry W. Shoemaker; Signs of French Contact on the West Branch of the Susquehanna by Clark B. Kahler.
Contents: Understanding Our Historical Museum: Part II: Exhibit Building in Our Historical Museum by Stephanie Zebrowski; What's New; Stories of the West Branch Valley: The Walkers by Katharine W. Bonnet; Williamsport Founder and Wife Return Home by Stephanie Zebrowski; The Last Hanging in Lycoming County by Everett Rubendall; Tattooing: Was it Art or More? by Ricki L. Maietta; Elk Hunting by Philip come.
Contents: Understanding Our Historical Museum, Part 1: Conservation by Stephanie Zebrowski; The Birth and Foundations of an American Industrial Giant by Stephanie Zebrowski; The Painted Path by Clark Kahler; Dr. Walter Van Fleet, America's Foremost Rose Breeder of His Generation by Everett Rubendall; Trolling for Salmon; Tom Fausett (The Record of a Triple love Tragedy) by Henry W. Shoemaker
Contents: Baseball for Boys: The Early Years; A Spot in Lycoming County Camping on the Lycoming; My Memories of the 1889 Flood; Halley's Comet Rag; An Indian Site in the Borough of Montoursville; Money Printed in Williamsport
Contents: Another Season on Canfield Island by James P. Bressler; A Tiger, A Panther; by Stephanie Zebrowski; "Stilling Birch" in Cogan House Township by Carl B. Taylor; When We Walked Hand-in-Hand by J.J. Zebrowski; Refurbishing the Lumber Gallery; A Spot in Lycoming County by Mike Maietta; Starch Cake; Peter Herdic - Industrialist of Williamsport by Beth Heffner
Contents: From the President's Desk; The Vampire of Rauch's Gap; The Kast Hotel; The Wertman Site Mysteries; Why is it Called That?; A Brief History of the Great Illustrated Weeklies; The First Appendectomy; An Unusual Tomb; The Ralston General Store
Contents: The Textile Collection; About Thread; John Alden Knight and the Solunar Tables; Margaret Horn Remembers; The Great Storm of 1871; Contributors to the Museum.
Contents: Pages of Dirt by James P. Bressler; A Brief History of the North Central Chapter #8 of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology by Harry Rogers; Some Important Milestones in Lycoming County Archaeology by James P. Bressler; Archaeological Time Periods in Pennsylvania by Gary L. Fogelman; Colonial & Indian Forts of the Upper West Branch Valley by Tom Shreiner; Artifacts & Historical Societies by Barry C. Kent; An Invitation by Joseph J. Zebrowski
Contents: Indian Gallery; Colonial Exhibit; Transportation Exhibit; Museum Floor Plan Maps; Military Exhibit; Country Store; One-Room School; Music Exhibit; Victorian Exhibits; Lumber Gallery; Wild Life Display; Hall of Industry; Resource Collections
Contents: The Old Curbstone Markets; Around The Market; Jacqueline's Letter to the Home Folks; Curbstone Merchants as of December, 1890; Biography of a Collector; Toy Trains: The Shempp Collection; Pleasant Valley
Contents: The Growth and Geography of Williamsport; 75th Anniversary Contributors
Contents: Greetings From the President's Desk; Early Episodes in Williamsport's History; 75th Anniversary Contributors; History of the U. S. S. Lycoming (APA-155); Sarah Burrows Coryell Hays Collection; Minutes of the First Meeting
Contents: Greetings From the President's Desk; Daughters of the American Revolution; Sketch of Lycoming Chapter, DAR; A Few Activities of the Lycoming Chapter; Junior Organization Formed by Lycoming Chapter DAR; The Insignia and Seal of the National Society DAR; The DAR is a Patriotic Organization; Revolutionary War Patriots of Lycoming Chapter of the DAR, 1971 - 1981; James V. Brown Public Library; Three Real Daughters of the American Revolution; Stories of Jaysburg and Newberry; Did You Know?
Contents: By-Gone Days by Edith L. Wright They Also Served; Tea or Coffee, Lady?; When Johnny Came Marching Home; Harder's Centennial Pamphlet (photo) "l Go A Fishing" by Charles Lose; Pennsylvania German Basketry by Sarah P. Turnbaugh; The Koch Family by Helene Ritter Snell; Grand Jury List, September 1816; Programme, Musicale; To the Repasz Band
Contents: Citizenship Curriculum Will Cover Local History; Some Family History by Gladys Tozier, Archivist; Hartranft Family Reunion (photo); The Pennsdale Quaker Collection by Ann McDermott; Commonplace Book - 1838; Surveyed Tracts of Land 1768 - 1800 by Gladys Tozier; Jean Little and Phyllis Brief; 1903-05 Car Registry; Additional Genealogical information
Contents: Greetings from the President's Desk; Williamsport's Musical Heritage; The First School in Williamsport; The Story of Peter Herdic; Window Glass by Katharine Bennet; The Passenger Pigeon by Charles H. Eldon; A. Richter, M. D. Health Officer; The Price of Meat