Baseball pin 2023 Williamsport- The Taber Museum has recently released its Annual Collectors’ Baseball Pin which features a depiction of the L.L. Stearns Department Store papier-mache bell. The L.L. Stearns Department Store was a fixture in downtown Williamsport from 1889 until 1984. Most residents who visited the store during the holidays remember the bell swinging overhead, a little girl clinging to its side.

The limited edition pins are available for purchase for $6.00 each, with appropriate sales tax added. The pins may be purchased at our museum store or on our website. The pin is the eighth pin produced by the museum. Others have included a lumberjack (2016), a high-wheeled bicycle (2017), a train’s engine (2018), the ‘haunted’ portrait of Nellie Tallman (2019), an Indian motorcycle (2020), John Hazel’s cornet (2021) and a railroad handcart (2022). Of those, only 2019, 2021 and 2022 are still available. They also sell for $6.00 plus tax.