Native American otter effigy

You have to admire archaeologists- whether they are professional or amateur. Most have the patience of Job and the sleuthing mind of Sherlock Holmes. Given a square of dirt with a trowel and a brush, they must exhibit diligence in uncovering what people, centuries-old, left behind. Just imagine, those same ancestors being right there where you are... In the meantime, the sun is beating down on you, you are sweating and dirty, and the mosquitoes think of you as a tasty treat. And then you see the nose of a carved animal emerge from the layer of dirt you have brushed aside. You want to simply scoop it out of the ground and yell to your fellow archaeologists, “Look what I found!”But, patience is your strong suit and you slowly uncover this incredible artifact- an Otter effigy. You go into ‘otter’ (utter) shock when you view this important artifact. Lycoming County certainly has provided bountiful evidence of Native American culture and we display that in our American Indian Gallery, named in honor of Jim Bressler, who pursued archaeology most of his life with great wisdom and passion. Please visit our American Indian Gallery when we reopen to the public.

What have you found on your hikes? Or when you have tilled the fields for spring planting? You may be able to find some answers! The North Central Chapter #8 of the Society for PA. Archaeology meets at the Taber Museum on the first Monday of months October through April.