Bill Henderson

On Sunday, September 17, 2023, former Trimtex president Bill Henderson spoke at a Society Program, about the history of a company that at one time employed hundreds of local people. Trimtex sold its trimmings, braids, etc. worldwide, until it was bought by an out-of-town company and moved.

Trimtex was one of the leaders in the United States in the production of fabric trimmings. The company was founded in 1919 as Williamsport Narrow Fabric Company, and maintained its manufacturing facility and warehouse at 400 Park Avenue, Williamsport. They operated over ninety years. At its peak, Trimtex employed over 400 workers and was the leader in the narrow trimmings industry. At one time Trimtex boasted they had 60,000 patterns of narrow trims and lace in their library. The company was purchased by Vintage Trims of Minnesota.

Several former employees of the company attended the lecture. Larry Flora, a designer at Trimtex, recently brought in approximately 1,500 trimmings, braids, etc., which he donated to the Museum. Some of them were displayed for the day. Also displayed were some Christmas ornaments that Carol Shetler designed with Trimtex trimmings.

More photos of the event are below.

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