Dia de Muertos

Dia de Muertos

The November 2022 Society Program of the Taber Museum featured Tera Bush explaining one of the biggest and most-followed rituals of Mexican families, Dia de Muertos.This phrase translates to ‘Day of the Dead’, a celebration to honor departed loved ones.

Día de Muertos was once rooted in the provincial part of the country until big cities decided to bring back this festivity to be part of broad Mexican society. Lately Día de Muertos has become a very trendy celebration in the USA, including the wonderful movie "Coco" which is all about the departed souls and celebrations in Mexico regarding the remembrance of our departed loved ones.

Ms. Bush set up an ‘altar’ in the museum, just like the ones that are set up every year in Mexican households November 1st and 2nd. She shared the history of this tradition and explained each item that goes on the altar. “Personally, I put up my altar at home not only because it’s a beautiful tradition, but also to honor and thank my departed loved ones.”

Tera explained, “I was born and raised in Mexico City, one of the largest and most amazing cities in the world. When I left Mexico 37 years ago to come to Lycoming County as a bride, my heart and admiration for the traditions of Mexico were opened to a different level. I started studying the vast number of traditions originating before the arrival of the Spaniards, plus the mixture of races and cultures and Mexico in the 21st century. Today, I take great joy sharing the culture that is part of my heritage.”

Thirty-nine members and guests were treated to a very colorful demonstration of this fascinating tradition.