Burrell Troxell and Katherine Lannert As we settle in for winter, our thoughts might drift past visions of digging out cars and settle on more pleasant memories like ice skating at Mountain Beach.

Gene Rider skates

Located just below South Williamsport off Route 15, this venue served as a year-round recreation spot, indulging swimmers in the summer, and skaters in the winter. Here we see Burrell Troxell and Katherine Lannert making use of the frozen pond in 1931. Another visitor to Mountain Beach was Gene Rider, who used the pair of skates pictured here. Locals could buy ice skates at Harder’s Sporting Goods, shown here at their longtime 336 Pine Street location in downtown Williamsport. The display window on the right shows a selection of not only skates, but also skis and snowshoes.

Let’s hope we won’t need to break out the snowshoes this year!