Farming, Crafts & Industry

Cider PressHall of Farming Crafts and IndustryThe viewer is introduced to the Hall of Farming, Crafts and Industry with a display of Pennsylvania stoneware created within Lycoming County.

In this gallery, visitors will enjoy viewing ingenious farm implements such as a butter churn powered by the family dog; textile tools; needlework and calligraphy; items used at home; beer and broom-making materials; and the intricacy of creating rickrack.

Woodworking shop

A large recreation of a woodworking shop contains the hand tools of a 19th century artisan, skilled in the shaping and building of wooden objects. The working grist mill demonstrates the grinding of corn into meal, as did occur regularly throughout the County. The G.F. Morse blacksmith shop has been skillfully recreated in the gallery. Before the motorized conveyances displaced the horse for farming and travel, shoeing horses a skill that was much in demand. Each of these woking shops has been recreated to show the importance of the local craftsman to life in the county.

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