American Indian Gallery

Native American hunterThe James Bressler
American Indian Gallery

Uncover the history of the county’s first inhabitants, the Native Americans, in our James Bressler American Indian Gallery.

Covering a span of almost 20,000 years, the gallery uses illustrations, graphics, dioramas and locally discovered artifacts to bring the story to life. Visitors can discover how Native Americans arrived here and what this area looked like long ago; how they progressed from a nomadic existence to a more settled culture; the changes in their tools and food-gathering practices over the centuries.

A mock archaeological dig

Learn the story of Madame Montour, a key local player in relations between Indians and European settlers. The Borough of Montoursville and Montour County are named for her family.

Visitors can step into a mock archaeological dig to see how archaeologists gather artifacts from which we can learn about these long-ago cultures.

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