YesterShoppe! 2023 at the Taber Museum brought record numbers of shoppers and much needed financial support to the Museum's programming.

The Yard sale realized over $3,500. There were a few larger items, including a David Armstrong print (which duplicated a print already in our collection) for $300, a tall case clock for $100, and a child's desk and chair for $65. But most of the sales were of smaller items donated by many of our supporters. The community room was crowded early Saturday, and may folks were in the area for the Way's Garden show on Sunday. Sunday, there was a half price sale, which generated a burst of activity.

We had donations from the DiPalos, Lisa DeVito, and the Burchs. Among the items donated too were four vanloads of items from former LCHS Board member Mary Jane Arnold. She is moving to Lancaster to be nearer her daughter. We had sufficient help for retrieving and unpacking, set-up and work on Saturday (especially Paul Harris, Brandon Sherer, Kim Taylor, Scott Sagar, Marc Pompeo, Karen 'Dynamo' DiPalo, Anne Landon, Sue Beidler, Mary Holstein, Gary Weber, Seth Burch, Valarie Mowrey and her sister Sue, Randy DiPalo, Pat Damaska), Chuck Luppert was extremely helpful in helping a lady who locked keys in her car. Five new volunteers have joined the ranks - Shirley Breen, Paul & Georgie Ulrich, Mike Salvatori, and Kathy Stiber who helped before, during or after the sale.

Many thanks to all who helped to make this a successful event.