wildlife reception

wildlife reception

On Friday evening, August 4, the Taber Museum hosted a reception to highlight the 2023 summer wildlife exhibit, “In the Wilds of Pennsylvania and Beyond.”

Enhanced with the artwork of John Strawbridge in the background, Clyde Peeling of Reptiland, was the guest speaker. He paid tribute to Mr. Strawbridge who was an early employee of the Lycoming County Historical Society. They enjoyed a friendship of fifty plus years.

John Strawbridge's death occurred in 2021. The artworks are on loan from Susan Strawbridge, John's widow.

The exhibit includes taxidermy-mounted specimens and artwork from the permanent collections of the museum, as well as the meticulous renderings of animals by well-known artist John Strawbridge. Read more here.

The exhibit will continue through August 31, 2023.

Gary Parks with Clyde Peeling of Reptiland