SJFCUThe Lycoming County Historical Society is now a member group of WAT, the local branch of the South Jersey Federal Credit Union after approval by the parent company and the National Credit Union Administration. This means that all current and future members of LCHS would be eligible for membership at SJFCU as a full member of the Credit Union, with access to all benefits and products of the Credit Union.

If SJFCU has a request for membership from an individual that does not qualify for membership through one of their established channels, SJFCU can make the individual a member of LCHS thus making them eligible for membership at the SJFCU. SJFCU will pay the potential member’s first year individual membership to LCHS. The Historical Society has already welcomed two new members in the past month due to this relationship

WAT Federal Credit Union is located at 1935 East Third Street, Williamsport, PA