Rich Nornhold

The Taber Museum hosted a Society Program on Sunday, August 18, 2019 featuring Rich Nornhold discussing the artistry of fraktur. This form of art flourished in the Susquehanna Valley, revealing the strong influence of Pennsylvania German culture. Nornhold spoke about several artists including Henry Young, who produced birth and baptismal certificates, marriage certificates and house blessings.

Rich Nornhold and Fractur

Nornhold brought with him multiple samples of fraktur produced in this region. Nearly 30 attendees appreciated the fascinating talk, and were able to examine the fraktur to compare to family their own family's examples.

The Society Program continued a series of lectures focusing on craftspeople, decorative arts, collections and collecting. Future talks will feature a lecture on Roan’s Auction and the highlights of its decades-long auctioneering and a fascinating lecture on forensic gemology by Gary Smith. The lecture series is generously sponsored by the Woodcock Foundation for the Appreciation of the Arts.