TreasuresThe Taber Museum is the repository of many a discarded machine, forlorn article of no longer stylish clothing, forgotten hand-held household implement and, as you can imagine, much, much more. While these objects no longer serve a purpose in today's society, it is the purpose of the Taber Museum to preserve these objects, and the stories behind them.

So, in this time of closures due to the Coronavirus, while you can't go to the Taber Museum, let us bring the Museum to you! Watch for regular offerings on some of the lesser known objects in the Museum's collection. What do these objects represent to you or your family? Did you work on this machine? Use this device growing up on the farm? Can you tell us more than we now know?

Don't spend the day watching the depressing news, or TV reruns. Learn about your local heritage! Watch for regular offerings on our website or social media pages.