Volunteers with day campMuch of the work of the Lycoming County Historical Society is done by volunteers. The needs of the museum are so many and the paid staff so few. Without the work of dedicated volunteers the museum would not long survive in its current form.

Volunteering occurs in many forms. Many of our volunteers are retired folks, who have time to work with an organization they believe serves an important function in our community. However, our volunteers also include a fair number of business people and professionals, and college and high school students. There are many opportunities to volunteer, for young and old, for those with many, or only a few hours to give.

At the management level, the museum is led by a volunteer Board of Governors, which includes retired and active educators, professionals, business people, and community leaders. Our Board is "hands-on" in determining the mission of the museum and implementation, in fund raising and in gathering community support. The Board members also serve on committees, along with other volunteers. Committees such as the Collections Committee, Education Committee, the Train Committee and Fundraising Committee draw their membership from Society members who have a particular interest or expertise and who are willing to put a few hours a month toward the important work of the committees.

Tour Guides or docents for museum tours serve as the connection between the museum and the public. Volunteers can also serve as staff for fundraising events, day camp and other museum events.

Alicia Skeath

There is always a need to organize, clean and catalog artifacts. This work is often performed by student interns or students serving a public service commitment. Often the museum staff is able to work with students who have an interest in a special project, that improves exhibits or addresses a particular museum need.

Each year the President of the Board of Governors recognizes one of the Taber Museum’s volunteers for the honor of “Volunteer of the Year.” In 2017, Alicia Skeath, a junior art history major at Lycoming College, was named volunteer of the year for helping to catalog many of the recent donations that were awaiting some extra hands to assist with processing.

If you are interested in volunteering, please stop by the Taber museum, or call, for more information.