Lycoming County Historical Society Board of Governors

Randy DiPalo, Treasurer, Susan K. Beidler, Secretary,  Marc Pompeo, Vice-President , Gary Parks, Director and Charles Luppert, President

2018-19 Officers:
Charles Luppert, President
Gary Weber, Vice-President
Susan K. Beidler, Secretary
Randy DiPalo, Treasurer

Board of Governors:

Randy DiPalo, Susan K. Beidler, Marc Pompeo, Charles Luppert, Gary Weber, Larry Fryda, Chuck Anderson, Eiderson Dean, Bruce Huffman, Penny Lutz, Ed Metzger, Carol Sones Shetler, Matthew DiRocco, Lisa De Vito, John Raymond and Austin White.

The Board members are elected elected to two year terms, and meet monthly to oversee the business of the Society. Much of the work of the Board occurs in various museum committees. Board members are volunteers, and come from a number of occupations, offering diverse perspectives to the management of the Society.