PatchesOur holiday exhibit this year was entitled ‘My Favorite Gift’ and contained approximately three dozen artifacts with very different stories of why the items were the favorite gift of the lender. Loaning items to the exhibit were Susan Baker, Kay Bitner, Judy Bower, Kahlie Dehotman, Joanne Ertel and Susan Best, Doreen Frey, Lynn Frey, Mary Holstein, Karen Vanderlin Kancevicius, B.J. Kropp, Janet Linderman, Virginia Martino, Jim and Donna Ochs Maule, Gary Parks, Deb Parsons, Marc Pompeo, Bruce Rogers, Carol Shetler, Greg Thomas, Doris Warren, and Eric Ziegler.

In the fall of 2021, the Museum sought the loan of an item or items from members of the community which had special meaning when received and the story behind it. Was it a treasured memento handed down from generation to generation or perhaps given at a very special point in one’s life? Was it something that perhaps changed someone's pathway in life? These items were displayed with lender provided details about its significance, who gave it, why it was given.

Visitors had the opportunity to vote for their the favorite artifact and story. The votes have been tabulated and the tight ‘race’ was ‘won’ by the childhood dollhouse of Doris Warren. A close second was a display of a collection of ceramic pixies of Deb Parsons, initially collected by her mother and continued by Deb. And Donna Ochs Maule won third with her dramatic story regarding a pack of cigarettes…