Charles LowCharles Low

Charles Low was a successful Williamsport businessman in the mid nineteenth century. Born in 1797, he married Anna Ross, the daughter of Williamsport founder, Michael Ross. He died in 1876 and is buried in Wildwood cemetery, Williamsport, Pa.

In 1995, Myrtle Haag donated a portrait of Mr. Low to the Taber Museum. It has hung in the Fine Arts Gallery. The painting was, however, in poor condition. The protective shellac coating had yellowed. The canvas was rippled and damaged in several places (see above left). It was in desperate need of restoration.

In 2019 the painting was professionally, meticulously restored, and has been rehung in the Fine Arts Gallery. The restored portrait is brighter and cleaner. The canvas has been stretched and reframed and the damage repaired.

The restoration has preserved this fine depiction of Charles Low for the study and the enjoyment of future generations of Museum goers.

Work on the portrait would not have been possible without the generous financial support of Carol Shettler and family (relatives of Mr. Low) and a bequest from the Waggoner-Estes estate.