Quizzo at the Taber

The know-it-alls and the think-I-know-it-alls were all present. As the night progressed - some proved their mettle and others flopped. But everyone had a good time at the debut of Quizzo at the Taber.

John Mackey

Jon Mackey, who regularly poses questions to curious guests of local eateries, challenged the folks who attended the first Historical Society Quizzo event, to know their history. Most folks teamed up to increase their odds of winning. Prizes for the top scoring teams included cash prizes and a free one-year family membership to the Taber Museum.

Ticket sellers Marc and Bruce

Local history, winter Olympic knowledge and general history were subjects of questions. The winning team seemed pleased with their victory.

Beer and snacks were donated. A 50/50 drawing was held.

Although fun was goal of those attending, the Historical Society was raising funds for its programing. Through admission fees and donations at the event, over $1100 was raised.

Look for Quizzo to return in the future.

The winners