HarvestFor several years, the Taber Museum has maintained a seasonal display in Williamsport's City Hall lobby. A new display has now opened, featuring historical artifacts from the Museum's permanent collection, on the theme of "Harvest."

If you visit City Hall, swing by the front lobby to visit the display. Perhaps the beautiful artifacts will cause you to view an unpleasant task, such as paying taxes, in a different light.

Harvest display: I) PR1NT- Winslow Homer, Chestnutting; 2) PRINT- The Fruit; 3 ) Toleware Tray, Boston Bun Tray; 4) TEXTILE :- Strawberries spilling out a basket; 5) Teapot in the shape of a cabbage; 6 & 7) Ceramics - Majolica pitcher, reminiscent of an ear of com; 8) Ceramics - Condiments dish in the shape of a tomato with undertray resembling a leaf; 9) Serving tray - Lady plucking some grapes from the grapevine; and, 10) Painting - Grapes spilling out of a basket.