. . . the envelope please.

2017 Fair Artifact

The week of puzzlement at the Lycoming County Fair is finally over. The historical artifact from the Taber Museum’s collection that was on display has been identified. It is . . . an asparagus server!

And the winner (the closest, and the first ‘correct’ answer pulled out of the box, was: Jamie STEFL, who guessed a ‘Vegetable Server.’

But, the ‘wrong’ answers show that people were really thinking, and we appreciate that… all told, we received 114 entries. Those answers included: Clamp/ clasp on a purse/handbag; Napkin Holder; Curtain holder; Book holder clip; Item on a horses bridle/ saddle; Salad tong; Cloth napkin holder; Hairclip/Ladies hair clasp; Something to hold back curtains or drapes; Cup Holder; Scarf holder; Purse clutch; Glove hanger for drying; Hair Barrette; Part of a ladies purse.

2017 Fair Artifact

We also saw guesses of a Piece of a chest; Door Hinge; Money Clip; Book/page marker; It goes over the stirrup to dress it up (where you put your feet); Fan clamp; Blanket Holder; It is the frame work & décor for a ladies purse; Table cloth clip; Drape tie-back or holder; Light holder; Purse Topper; Book Keeper- Keeps it Shut; Royal family hinge (part of door); Horse mane holder; Flower/fruit/vegetable picker; Goes over a purse or book to keep it closed; Napkin ring; Old Hair Clip; Clip for holding papers together or satchel shut; Something to do with a book (holder etc. etc.); and, Handle fan; Hinge.

2017 Fair Artifact

And the guessing continued with Serving Tongs; Clip for Horse Mane and/or Tail; Squeeze it & it picks things up- napkins, etc; Book binder clip; Diary Clasp; to serve food with so fingers don’t touch the food; Adornment for a Hope Chest; Door hinge; An ice “scoop”; to keep score; used as a cookie server when using the good china; To pick up silverware at the table; Silver napkin holder for a formal dining room; Pot holder/oven mit[t]; wrist cuff; Paper/napkin holder; [part of a] chariot; holder for a bun in hair; A foot piece to an expensive saddle; something for horse & saddle; to hold a coat on the owner's arm in the 1700s; protective/ decorative cover; and, a holder for fish & chips.

And our favorite, but WRONG, answer, from Margaret: “Donald Trump’s Money Clip.”

Thanks to all who who played the guessing game. We’ll be back next year with a new, and even more challenging, mystery artifact.