Dear Toots: Half a War-torn World Apart 1941-’45 Susan Carpenter Noble The Taber Museum welcomed Susan Carpenter Noble at its Coffee Hour on Thursday, May 12, to discuss her latest book, Dear Toots: Half a War-torn World Apart 1941-’45. The program was held in the Community Room. There were 35 participants.

The book is a compilation of letters written by the author’s father Grant Carpenter to his Mother, affectionately known as ‘Toots’. Reservist Grant was activated by the United States into the Army Corps of Engineers in May 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, would send him overseas for three years, seven months and seven days. Before returning home, ‘Carp’ served on Ascension Island, then in Africa, England and France.

The letters spanned his four and one half years in the Army during World War II. They were poignant, funny, laughable and sad. Her sister witnessed him in 2006 beginning to destroy the letters. They were saved and Susan has abstracted them into book form.

Noble’s autographed book is available for sale in the Museum for $19.95. It is punctuated with photographs, newspaper clippings, and maps.