Each year, a mystery artifact from the Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society is brought to the Lycoming County Fair for a guessing game. This year’s winner is Linda Hayton, who correctly identified the artifact as a ‘Miser’s Purse’. Coins and other small objects would be placed within a slit on either end, a ring would slide down to hold the coins in the purse, and then it would be looped over a belt or waistband.

A number of thoughtful guesses included: a bracelet, ‘used in a wedding ceremony to signify the union,’ to pull up a dress, a tie, a falconry lure, a women’s choker, a wedding garter, a napkin holder, a sash to hold valuables, a curtain tieback, a key organizer, a medal, a horse’s decorative tassel, a stocking garter, 1920s Flapper necklace, a sash keeper, a commitment scarf, a tobacco pouch, an Art Deco choker necklace, ‘used to hold up a dress’, a funeral ring, a ‘Betroven [betrothal] ring’, a reticule, to carry scents, a horse bridle ornament, ‘used for women’s hair’, a mourning choker, a hair tie, to Honor a couple who has passed away, a decorative belt fastener, horse jewelry, and a ‘fancy holder for silverware possibly for a tureen.”

A total of sixty-three guesses were collected.