Gary Parks, Gary Weber and Greg Thomas at the fair

As in previous years, the Lycoming County Historical Society hosted a stand at the Lycoming County Fair. For just over a week, volunteers greeted fairgoers with Museum materials, information for memberships, and promotion materials for the upcoming Bottles & Brews event.

This year's mystery artifacts were on display. Visitors were encouraged to guess the identity of the objects. Many people took a guess and the guesses are being reviewed for a winner. What are the objects - according to Museum Director Gary Parks, they are "Miser's Purses" from around 1830-50. According to Gary, "coins (or other small items) would be dropped in either side through a slit, the ring would be slid down to secure the articles inside the purse and then looped over a waistband or belt."

The winner of the Mystery Artifact contest will be announced shortly. Also, folks were able to register to win a ticket to Bottles & Brews, and that winner will likewise be announced.