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Only One Child


Only One Child by Brian Barlow

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Brian Bohun Barlow's story Only One Child enlightens us about the WWII British children evacuees and educates us about the chaotic condition of Britain during the war. More than that, it touches our hearts with the tale of the generosity of two women-one who takes in four children and the other who gives the keeping of four of her children to someone who will foster their futures in America. Barlow's meticulous attention to detail and careful rendition of time and place make this a wonderful read for history buffs. Brian Bohun Barlow was an innovative English and history teacher, introducing economic subjects to middle school students and teaching history by asking students about family oral history related to WWI. Barlow's American education included attendance at the Russell Ranch School in Tuscon, graduation from St. Andrew's School in Delaware, and a year of study at Lycoming College. He served in the United States and Austria during the Korean War. Using the GI Bill educational benefits Barlow earned a B.A. from Wharton School of Economics of the University of Pennsylvania and a Master's degree in Education. Barlow has collected an extensive library about WWII. Barlow resides in Maine with his wife, Marie (Robbins). Paperback.