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A Life in Art: Harry Wilcox and the Woman With Dreamy Eyes


A Life in Art: Harry Wilcox and the Woman With Dreamy Eyes by Joyce Wilcox Graff & James Hammond Wilcox.

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Harry Wilcox was an artist for the Grit newspaper. He explored many aspects of commercial art during his career 1912-1943, including illustration, engraving, animation, and camouflage work for the government. This collection of his art includes personal photographs and insights into his life and times, which spanned the Great Depression and World War II. There are numerous full color plates throughout the book. The Wilcox family was one of the founding families of Rhode Island, and has been in Pennsylvania since the early 1700’s. Included are historical notes about the family farm where he grew up in Limestoneville, Pennsylvania, and the family’s role in the building of America. There is a full genealogy of the Wilcox family going back to the 1500’s in England, and of the associated families back to their point of immigration. Catalog of original art, Notes, Bibliography, and Index.