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Williamsport (Postcard History Series)


Williamsport (PA) (Postcard History Series) Paperback by Thad Stephen Meckley

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Williamsport features an array of vintage postcards of the city in the early days to when it became the lumber capital of the world. The postcards highlight both Williamsport and the mighty Susquehanna River as early pioneers and founders made this uncharted frontier wilderness into a thriving Victorian metropolis. At one time, Williamsport was a contender for the Pennsylvania state capital due to its central location, political might of the day, and the fabulous wealth amassed from the lumber industry. Covering the early days of the Pennsylvania Canal to the visit and tales of Mark Twain to the makings of Williamsport's first millionaires of the early lumbering era, this rare collection of photographic correspondence provides a glorious glimpse into the city's illustrious past.