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Surrender: The Sudden Death of Alvira, Pa.


DVD. Surrender: The Sudden Death of Alvira, Pa.

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DVD. This is the film sequel to "Alvira and the Ordnance" by Stephen C. Huddy & Paul C. Metzger.

This is the story of approximately 8,000 acres of the White Deer Valley that were purchases by the federal government in the spring of 1942 for the construction of the Pennsylvania Ordnance Works, a TNT manufacturing plant, serving our armed forces during World War II. Within this small area, many homes, farms, churches and the village of Alvira itself were lost to government takeover by eminent domain. This publication tells us the history of this dark period from previously printed materials, recently obtained information, and interviews with individuals who resided there or were employed at the ordnance works. Also found within is a map that offers an opportunity to enjoy, at your convenience, a self-guided tour of what was the village of Alvira, its landmarks and outskirts.