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​The Musician's Walk: An Ethical Labyrinth

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The Musician's Walk: An Ethical Labyrinth by James Jordan

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The quest for the creation of truthful music leads musicians through self-examination, ethical quandaries, and soulful exercises in this exploration of the intertwining of music and spirituality. Moving beyond the engaging infusion of musicianship with personal spiritual experience, this quest, or “walk,” focuses on the musician’s place amongst other musicians and the labyrinthine complexity of such a network. Throughout the four sections of the book, the musician’s loneliness and compassionate awareness are introduced as necessary components of the walk, which can often lead the musician into contentious relationships with others and help define the musician’s ethical role. The journey settles into areas of contemplation and self-improvement, ensuring that the music produced as a result is caring, true, and—above all—human.