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Mirror of Olden Time Border Life


Mirror of Olden Time Border Life by J. Pritts

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Mirror of Olden Time Border Life is truly a rare and extremely hard-to-find book documenting principally the history and early settlement of Pennsylvania and northwestern Virginia and includes many unusual and hard-to-find accounts of these happenings to which are added, personal narratives of captivities, escapes; with numerous sketches of frontier men all compiled from authentic sources. The book includes many personal narratives and sketches of the remarkable adventures of numerous early Frontier men such as Col. James Smith, Sam Brady, the Whetzels, Moses Van Campen, Simon Kenton and more. The border warfare history of PA and VA, including many scarcely documented skirmishes, raids, and frontier adventures, combined with the almost 300 pages of personal adventures and narratives of important frontiersmen make this book worth reading.