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The Land


The Land: A Biography of 13 Square Miles of the White Deer Valley by Stephenand Martha Huddy. Digital version on a thumb drive.

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“The Land, a Biography of 13 Square Miles of the White Deer Valley” does what the film “Surrender: The Sudden Death of Alvira, Pennsylvania” (2013) could not. The film told of how the federal government forced landowners in the White Deer Valley to sell their farmland to make way for a World War II-era munitions plant. The Pennsylvania Ordnance Works (POW) was deemed necessary to the war effort and was built in and around what is now FCC Allenwood. “The Land” also illustrates the founding of the Allenwood camp after the munitions plant closed. The camp was intended as a holding place for political prisoners in the early years of the Cold War.

The 489-page book has more than 400 illustrations, many in color, and tells the story of persons affected in more detail than the 65-minute film.