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Journal of the LCHS - 1976 - Spring


The Journal of the LCHS - 1976 - Spring. Please email lchsstore1@verizon.net to verify availability.

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Contents: Society Meeting and Activities, 1975-76; Greetings from the President's Desk; Ninety-Five Years of Beth Ha-Sholom by Benjamin Hirsh; Annual Rental: A Peppercorn, or William Penn's New World Inheritance, by Katharine W. Bennet; The Pine Creek Tragedy (a story) by Jake Haiden The April 25, 1893, Visit of the Liberty Bell to Williamsport researched by Richard L. Mix with a Picture of the Event; The Presbyterian Ministers of Lycoming County by Warren L. March: Rev. Fithian, Rev. Bryson, Rev. Grier, Rev. Henderson. and Rev. Snowden; Ole Bull in Williamsport: Concert in Jersey Shore; The Trip to Ole Bull's Castle by Charles T. Logue; The Great Pilgrimage to Ole Bull Castle; Miss Inez Bull's Discoveries and Museum; The Spirit Violin by Celeste S. Henderson (a poem); The Peter Herdic Corner: Cheap Coaches for Philadelphia; Philadelphia's New Coaches; Peter Herdic's Failure; A Business Trip through North Central Pennsylvania, 1844 by John A. Otto (a letter to his father)