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Journal of the LCHS - 1972. Spring


The Journal of the Lycoming County Historical Society, Spring 1972

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Contents: Membership Meeting Program; President's Letter; Doctor Charles Lose; Win Ely's Trout Flies by Dr. Charles Lose; Williamsport's Musical Heritage (Part One) by Mrs. Mary Russell; Memories of Warrensville at the Turn of the Century by William E. Derone and Mark T. Milner; A Night of Honor; Recollections of the Susquehanna Boom by James Myers; PICTURES -- Before and After Photographs of 1889 Flood on Antes Creek; PICTURE -- The Youngman Cottage on Antes Creek Soon after the 1889 Flood; Col. Henry W. Shoemaker, by Mrs. Wendi Enstine, Jr.; The Story of Altar Rock, by Col. Henry W. Shoemaker; The Early History of Picture Rocks, by W. L. Sprout; Charter Members of the Lycoming Historical Society; Letter: written by Dr. August Richter; Notice of the 16th Annual Institute of Pennsylvania Rural Life and Culture