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The Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society chronicles the history of our region from American Indian occupation through 20th century industry and life.

Our next Coffee Hour: Ron Blatchley portrays inventor Joseph Priestley.

The Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society has announced its September coffee hour which will be held on Thursday, September 10 at 10 am in the Community Room of the Taber. Ron Blatchley will be portraying inventor Joseph Priestley.

Priestley is credited with discovering oxygen, but was also an outspoken clergyman. His house was burned in his native England for his ‘heretical’ views regarding religion, suggesting that he was no longer welcome in his own country. He fled to the relatively obscure town of Northumberland, Pennsylvania, in 1794 and continued his experiments with scientific endeavours, preached, and wrote controversial articles. He counted among his friends and associates Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Blatchley portrays Joseph Priestley at the Joseph Priestley House and has titled his presentation Beware! For a Priestley has entered the land.

The lecture is part of the 2015 lecture series entitled “Tidbits of History”. To be included in the year-long activities are: Betsy Koons Robertson, who served as Deputy Press Secretary for Nancy Reagan, speaking on ‘The Reagan Years’ on Sunday, September 20; and clock experts Jim Zerfing and Tim Henninger to talk about the clock at Trinity Episcopal on Thursday, October 8. A special event is the appearance of Benjamin Franklin, as portrayed by Mile ‘Mike’ Kochan on Sunday, October 11 at 2pm. All the events are free and open to the public. The lecture series is supported by a generous grant from the Woodcock Foundation for the Appreciation of the Arts, Inc.

For more information regarding the programming of the Historical Society, please call us at 570.326.3326. The museum is located at 858 West Fourth Street, Williamsport. Ample parking may be found to the rear of the building or on the street.