Bruce HuffmanCoinciding with the last full week of the morbidly fascinating Gone, But Not Forgotten exhibit, August's Society program at the Taber Museum looks back on one particular "city of the dead." The Old Pine Street Burying Ground - A Chronicle of Desecration will be presented by Bruce Huffman on August 20 at 2 pm in the Community Room of the museum.

Williamsport City Hall

Many people have heard that the block on which Williamsport's Old City Hall was built used to be a graveyard. Few know its "deep" and complicated history or the timeline of events that led to its continued desecration. This program commemorates the once sacred burial ground's "official" end, 150 years ago this summer.

Huffman is a historical investigator and researcher focusing on his ancestors' longtime construction business, W. H. C. Huffman & Sons. Along the way he has stumbled upon many little known or long forgotten, yet very colorful, tidbits of Williamsport's history. The Society Program continues a series of lectures which highlight communities of Lycoming County and the surrounding area. This presentation digs through the long buried past to separate fact from fiction.

The Lycoming County Historical Society is located at 858 West Fourth Street in Williamsport. On the third Sunday of the month (May - October) the Taber Museum offers free admission. Ample parking is available in the back of the building or on the street.