Bruce Hoffman

Williamsport, Government, and the Struggle for Change – A Historical Perspective of Williamsport's different forms of government and the Pennsylvania laws that created them, will be presented by Bruce Huffman, historical investigator and city resident, Thursday, May 31, 2018, at 7 pm, at the Thomas T. Taber Museum.

Tthis program will give an independent and detailed overview of the fascinating, yet little understood, series of events stretching back more than 100 years, that allow voters to choose their local form of government.

reverse side of the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

This program comes at a most appropriate time. Presently, two separate voter-approved commissions are engaged in studying and recommending forms of government for the City of Williamsport. This direct civic involvement was not always afforded the citizens of Pennsylvania. It was a difficult struggle, spanning many decades, during which time several Williamsporters were involved in trying to change the state laws.

This in-depth presentation will include:

  • -a chronicle of Williamsport's types of government from its beginning in 1795 until the current form;
  • -a timeline of how Pennsylvania laws were adopted, and who was involved, to move toward increased municipal self-governance;
  • -a look at the events and processes surrounding Williamsport's previous form-of-government changes.

Pleas join us for this lecture on a most fascinating topic.