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Lycoming County Historical Society

Books & Gifts

Local Books:

Author Book Title Price
Asfar, Dan Ghost Stories of Pennsylvania $12.95
Bailey, William and Bailey, Peggy


Barlow, Brian


Murder in Muncy Creek


Only One Child – Paperback

Only One Child – Hardcover





Baumgartner, Nancy E. Cogan House Township, the 1900′s $36.00
Blank, Joan Wheal Around Hughesville (Postcard History Series) $19.99
Blank, Joan Wheal Around Montgomery $19.99
Blooming Grove Historical Society Blooming Grove, A History of the Congregation of German Dunkers who settled in Lycoming County, Pa, 1805  $11.00
Blooming Grove Historical Society Family Favorites: 200th Anniversary Cookbook $15.00
Bressler, James P. Personal Reminiscences of the Lumbering Era: An Interview with Gibson G. Antes, 1962 $1.00
Bressler, James P. & Rainey, Harry Excavation of the Snyder Site 36LY287 $15.00
Bressler, James P. & Rockey, Karen Tracking the Shenks Ferry Indians at the Ault Site 36LY120 $15.00
Campbell, Jim Around Selinsgrove $19.99
Collins, Julia C. (edited by William L. Andrews and Mitch Kachun) The Curse of Caste; or The Slave Bride: A Rediscovered African American Novel $15.95
Conrad, Beverly & Burgess, Gregory The Headless Dog: And Other Extraordinary Far-fetched True Tales of Central Pennsylvania $10.00
Daughters of the American Revolution, Lycoming Chapter Patriots of Valor $49.00
Falk, Cynthia G. Architecture and Artifacts of the Pennsylvania Germans: Constructing Identity in Early America $48.95
Fogelman, Gary L. All About the At’-latl $5.00
Fogelman, Gary L. Artifacts and Early Cultures on the Susquehanna’s West Branch $16.95
Fogelman, Gary L. An Identification and Price Guide for Indian Artifacts of the Northeast $10.00
Fogelman, Gary L. Late Paleo Lanceolates: In Pennsylvania and the Northeast $15.00
Fogelman, Gary L. Pennsylvania Chert: Identifying Some of the Materials Used by Indians in Pennsylvania and Surrounding Area $20.00
Fogelman, Gary L. & Lantz, Stanley The Pennsylvania Fluted Point Survey $45.00
Fogelman, Gary L. The Pennsylvania Fluted Point Survey – Addendum 1 $15.00
Fogelman, Gary L. Projectile Point Typology for Pennsylvania and the Northeast $11.00
Fogelman, Gary L. Shoop: Pennsylvania’s Famous Paleo Sites: A Popular Version $11.95
Fogelman, Gary L. and Richard P. Johnston Fluted Points in Lycoming County $4.50
Gardner, Sherry A. Around Picture Rocks (Images of America Series) $19.99
Gast, Beverly Shaffer Angel in Black: A Musical Life in Letters 1925-1973 $12.66
Gilmore, Paul G. Lycoming County in World War II, 1945 (index also available)
Graff, Joyce Wilcox & Wilcox, June Freed A Freed Family History $34.95
Graff, Joyce Wilcox & Wilcox, James Hammond A Life in Art: Harry Wilcox and the Woman With Dreamy Eyes $21.00
Graybill, Guy Prince and the Paupers: The Companion Volume to Prohibition’s Prince $14.95
Graybill, Guy Prohibition’s Prince: The Bizarre Life of America’s Millionaire Moonshiner (about Prince Farrington) $19.95
Holt, Michele & Jordan, James The School Choral Program: Philosophy, Planning, Organizing, and Teaching $47.00
Huddy, Stephen C. & Paul C. Metzger Alvira and the Ordnance: An American Dream…Denied $20.00
Huffines, Marion Lois & Sauers, Richard A. Lewisburg (Images of America Series) $21.99
Hunter, William A. Forts on the Pennsylvania Frontier, 1753-1758 $49.95
Jordan, James The Musician’s Walk: An Ethical Labyrinth $38.95
Junior League of Williamsport Victorian Thymes & Pleasures: A Community Cookbook $19.95
Kagan, David Ira Pine Creek Villages (Images of America Series) $21.99
Kagan, David Ira & Harback, John W., Sr. Sugar Valley Villages (Images of America Series) $21.99
King, Donald S. The Story of Montoursville: From Otstonwakin to the Present $7.00
Kline, Benjamin F. G. Pitch, Pine and Prop Timber Out of print.
Kline, Benjamin F. G. “Stemwinders” in the Laurel Highlands $14.00
Landis, Milton W. and Carl B. Taylor The Early History of Cogan House Township, Book 1 $29.95
Lasansky, Jeannette Union County River Towns (Images of America Series) $21.99
Loyer, Milton W. James M. Black and Friends: Contributions ofWilliamsport, PA to American Gospel Music $7.00
Lycoming County Historical Society Grand Tours and Artistic Friendships: Art From the Thomas T. Taber Museum and Park Home Collections $1.50
Lycoming County Historical Society (reprinted by Lycoming County Veterans Council) Gold Star Men and Women of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, World War II, 1945 $10.00
Lycoming County Veterans Council Lycoming County in World War II: List of POW’s Liberated Upon Surrender of Italy, Germany, or Japan $2.00
Lycoming County Veterans Council A Grateful Nation Remembers: Lycoming County Honor Roll, World War II $10.00
Mackenzie, Ian G. Railroads Remembered: The History of Railroads in Western New York and Western Pennsylvania $30.00
MacMinn, Edwin On the Frontier with Colonel Antes $49.95
Mansfield University, Center for Arts and Folklife Northern Pennsylvania Freedom Trails $15.50
Marcus, Lois Goldreich Severin Roesen: A Chronology $4.95
Meckley, Thad Stephen Williamsport (Postcard History Series) $21.99
Meckley, Thad Stephen Williamsport’s Millionaires’ Row (Postcard History Series) $21.99
Meginness, John History of Lycoming County, 1892 $140.00
Meginness, John F. Otzinachson: A History of the West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna $55.00
Mix, Richard & Miriam Mix A Bicentennial Postcard History of Williamsport $19.99
Moore, John L. Boats, Bullets, & Bears: True Stories About Settlers, Soldiers, Indians, & Outlaws on the Pennsylvania Frontier $9.00
Moore, John L. Cannons, Cattle, & Campfire: More True Stories About Indians, Outlaws, Settlers, & Soldiers on the Pennsylvania Frontier $9.00
Moore, John L. Settlers, Soldiers, & Scalps: True Stories About the Pennsylvania Frontier $9.00
Moore, John L. Warriors, Wampum, & Wolves: True Stories About Settlers, Soldiers, Indians, & Outlaws on the Pennsylvania Frontier $9.00
Raessler, Kenneth R. Aspiring to Excel: Leadership Initiatives for Music Educators $29.95
Shoemaker, Henry W. Eldorado Found $17.95
Shoemaker, Henry W. Extinct Pennsylvania Animals $28.00
Smith, Eric M. Clinton County (Images of America Series) $21.99
Speakman, Joseph M. At Work in Penn’s Woods: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Pennsylvania $49.95
Taber, Thomas T., III Ghost Lumber Towns of Central Pennsylvania $15.00
Taber, Thomas T., III Muncy Valley Lifeline $13.00
Taber, Thomas T., III Sawmills Among the Derricks $12.00
Taber, Thomas T., III Sunset Along Susquehanna Waters $10.00
Taber, Thomas T., III Tanbark, Alcohol and Lumber $12.00
Taber, Thomas T., III Williamsport Lumber Capital $12.00
Taylor, Carl B. Jim & Mildred Cohick — The Trading Post and Other Ventures $11.95
Thomas, Marlin Looking Through Lewey’s Lens 100 Years Ago $15.95
Thorell, Murray, PhD Sunbury ( Images of America Series) $21.99
Tome, Philip Pioneer Life or Thirty Years a Hunter $25.00
Ulrich, Robert Schell To See the  Elephant $14.95
Van Auken, Robin Muncy (Postcard History Series) $19.99
Van Auken, Robin & Louis E. Hunsinger Lycoming County’s Industrial Heritage (Images of America Series) $21.99
Van Auken, Robin & Louis E. Hunsinger Williamsport, Boomtown on the Susquehanna $24.99
Van Auken, Robin & Louis E. Hunsinger Williamsport: The Grit Photograph Collection(Images of America Series) $21.99
Vincens, Simone Madame Montour & the Fur Trade (1667-1752) $19.99
Weinfeld, Daniel R. The Jackson County War: Reconstruction & Resistance in Post Civil War Florida $29.95
Welshans, Wayne O. Nippenose Valley (Images of America Series) $19.99
Welshans, Wayne O. Jersey Shore (Images of America Series) $21.99
Williams, Charles E. Along the Bucktail Highway (Postcard History Series) $19.99

Other books for sale:

Beard, Daniel The Field & Forest Handy Book $12.95
Blockson, Charles L. African Americans in Pennsylvania $29.95
Craig, Neville B. The Olden Time Volume I & II (Sold as Set) $99.95
Doutrich, Paul E. To Form a More Perfect Union: The Federal Constitution and Pennsylvania $2.00
Ensminger, Robert F. The Pennsylvania Barn $31.95
Fergus, Charles The Wingless Crow $17.95
Holly, Pat & Sue Nickles Amish Patterns for Machine Quilting $8.95
Ickis, Marguerite The Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collecting $16.95
Kalman, Bobbie Famous Native North Americans $8.95
Pritts, J. Mirror of Olden Time Border Life $49.95
Sloane, Eric Diary of an Early American Boy, 1805 $19.95
Sloane, Eric The Little Red Schoolhouse $5.95
Snook, Linda Estupinan Not Frail Flowers: Six Civil War Nurses who Made a Difference $20.00
Stephen, George New Life for Old Houses $11.95
Togyer, Jason For the Love of Murphy’s: The Behind the Counter Story of a Great American Retailer $30.95
Treese, Lorett The Storm Gathering: The Penn Family and the American Revolution $16.95
Wroth, Lawrence C. The Colonial Printer $9.95


Children’s Books
Allcroft, Britt Thomas and Friends: Little Engines Can Do Big Things $3.25
Aloian, Molly Emancipation $9.95
Aloian, Molly George Washington: Hero of the American Revolution $10.95
Arthur, Martin Great Leaders of the Civil War $9.95
Bailey, Gerry Smithsonian Prehistoric zone: Velociraptor $8.95
Bailey, Gerry Science to the Rescue: Trapped on the Rock, can science save your life?
Bow, James Gettysburg $9.95
Jeffrey, Gary The Western Front: Graphic Modern History, World War II $9.95
Kalman, Bobbie A Visual Dictionary of a Pioneer Community $8.95
Kalman, Bobbie Nations of the Northeast Coast $8.95
Kalman, Bobbie A Visual Dictionary of Native Communities $8.95
Kalman, Bobbie Colonial People: The Woodworkers $8.95
Lantier, Patricia Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad $10.95
MacAulay, Kelley Why Do We Need: Rocks and Minerals? $7.95
Perritano, John The Causes of the American Revolution $10.95
Putnam, Jeff A Nation Divided: Causes of the Civil War $9.95
Walker, Robert World War I: 1917-1918, The Turning of the Tide $10.95
Pocket Guides
GeoCentral Dig Into Fossils: A Guide for Collectors $1.50
GeoCentral Dig Into Rocks, Minerals, & Crystals: A Guide for Collectors $1.50
Sticker Books
Petruccio, Steven James Learning About Prehistoric Animals (with 12 Full-Color Stickers) $1.50
Activity Books
Allcroft, Britt Thomas & Friends: Ride Along the Countryside (Paint book) $3.99
All Aboard! Coloring Book: with Floyd the Engineer         $4.25
Beylon, Cathy All Aboard! Trains Activity and Coloring Book $2.95
Plourde, Lynn Storytime Stickers: Choo Choo Trains, includes 100 stickers! $5.95